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Metal roofing products are extremely attractive, and offer unparalleled durability and longevity. Metal roofing is considered a permanent roofing solution, as it does not require the constant maintenance, repairs, and periodic replacement required with common asphalt shingles. These benefits are further reinforced by the limited lifetime warranty which accompanies each metal roofing installation we undertake.

Metal roofing provides a number of valuable benefits over asphalt shingles, which include:

  • Excellent insulation value, spend three times less on home heating and cooling
  • 50-year warranty on your new permanent metal roof
  • Our product lasts a lifetime - no constant maintenance, repair, or replacement costs
  • Reduced home insurance rates
  • Our roofing prevents mould from growing in your insulation
  • Metal Roofing increases your property value
The most common metal roofing options include steel roofing, metal tile roofing and metal shake roofing. These metal roofing products are all available in a vast selection of colours and styles. Vassa Metal Roofing specializes in residential, commercial, and industrial metal roofing installation, maintenance, and repairs.

While the majority of our metal roofing business is residential, Vassa Metal Roofing also offers metal roofing contracting for industrial and commercial buildings and institutional buildings such as churches, temples, and mosques. In addition to these unique commercial metal roofing applications, Vassa Metal Roofing also has experience with metal roofing for shopping plazas, strip malls, and other retail locations within the Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo, and Guelph region.

Trust your metal roofing project to the reputable metal roofing contractors at Vassa Metal Roofing. We value dedication and integrity, and have extensive knowledge and experience in the metal roofing industry. Vassa Metal Roofing offers a full range of metal roofing services such as complimentary initial roof inspections, metal roof repair, metal roof maintenance, and new roof installations.

Contact Vassa Metal Roofing for more information, or for a free assessment and estimate on your new metal roof. Call 1 (800) 817-8758, or fill out our convenient online contact form and we will respond in a timely and efficient manner to all metal roofing inquiries.

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Metal Roofing Kitchener / Waterloo / Guelph